3 Retail Developments !

, 07 May 2013


Kelvin Nickalls and Associates

Kelvin has been working with me to lease and sell my three Retail Developments Noosaville,  North Lakes and the Gold Coast, over the last two years.

He has been my rock, through very difficult times, and in a very hard and slow leasing and commercial sales market. Kelvin’s tenacity and experience, has achieved the result of several million dollars in sales and many leases. On many occasions the knowledge that I had his support and that he was quietly working away, gave me solace and comfort.

Over this period, there have been many agents who have made many promises and talked the talk, but when it got down to the line, almost all of these people did not deliver on any of the promises made.

This was not the case with Kelvin. In consideration of the market forces, the dearth of tenants and buyers, and the difficulty in achieving these leases and sales, I believe that he has performed ‘above and beyond the call of duty, he has continued when all others dropped the ball and went home.

I do not believe that these developments would be as viable as they are currently, without the sheer determination and integrity as a realtor, that Kelvin Nickalls displays.

At all times, he has been supportive, gentle yet caring, and a man who has done the business, methodically and systematically.

The sales and leases achieved, has resulted in strong, viable tenancies and buyers who believe they were well served with their purchase. For me, that is a wonderful result.

I cannot recommend too highly his services as a realtor, a true professional and master of his craft.

Jane Garwood